Events & News

Nall Development Center is a trauma informed outreach Center for survivors of human trafficking ages 18 to 24. Our Agency has been providing trauma informed care for youth and young adults for over ten years. Our success rate outcome is 90%. We serve our community with love and compassion. Our staff of counselors are trained professionals.

Nalls Development Center is currently serving four counties: San Francisco, Solano, Alameda , Sacramento and Marin County

The Center is funded only through donations and we cannot do this great work without the donations from our community supporters.

The survivors will be creating and designing artwork at the center which will be sold online and displayed in local art studios.

We will be providing the following services:

  • Anti human trafficking awareness gift bag giveaway
  • Case management
  • Mental health referrals
  • Mentorship program
  • Summer Arts and trauma program
  • Training including CSEC survival panel

Please go to ABC7 News interview with Nalls Foundation and past residents on Anti-Human Trafficking Campaign during Superbowl at

You can also view a clip on NBC News interview with Nalls Foundation and past residents on AB12 Law (expanding foster care to ages 21) at